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Why detoxify after exercise?

Exercise builds fitness and improves health, but the very processes involved with improving fitness, create toxins, or expose us to more toxins than we would otherwise absorb. The body works hard to eliminate these, but anything we can do to help detoxify and protect our bodies will help!
During exercise we increase our levels of breathing and blood flow, which causes us to increase the amount of toxins we absorb. While the liver is the primary workhorse, our intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and skin are all involved in our complex detoxification system. That is why it is suggested that we should provide a helping hand. All the quicker we can recover and all the quicker we can feel the full effect of our commitment to fitness.
Where can we turn for some extra bump? For years, green tea has earned high marks for its amazing health benefits – antioxidant-rich, heart-healthy stimulant, a natural brain booster, the list goes on. What if you could boost those benefits ten-fold? Enter matcha, the Japanese young green tea powder, with powerful detoxifying and fitness enhancing properties. It is not simply ground green tea. In a method of production developed over centuries in japan, the carefully selected leaves are placed in shade for two to four weeks before being ground, which actually increases its antioxidant value … and also imparts an amazing flavor!
Recover the natural way. Try the Nanu Matcha bars. They are great before, during and after intense activity. If you use the code matcha16 you can buy a case of Matcha/ Wheatgrass/ Lemon bars for $24.00 delivered free.

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