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The Gazelle, fastest vegetarian on Earth!

The gazelle is the mascot for Nanu, performance nutrition designed by athletes for athletes. Why the gazelle? Simply it is the fastest herbivore mammal on earth, bar none! Even the cheetah, that infamous carnivore, which has a 70mph burst of speed, approaches the gazelle with caution and stealth and more often than not fails to capture its prey. The gazelle can execute a burst of speed of 60mph or 97km/h that leaves a cheetah wondering what just happened. He’s thinking, “Wait a minute, I’m faster than him!” And if it’s a “smart” cheetah that decides on pursuit, he quickly tires after 500 meters as the gazelle can sustain a speed of 40mph for over 800 meters while dodging and weaving. Picture the cheetah hunched over, breathing heavily, and licking his chops! Hahahaha! Meanwhile the gazelle is safely munching on tasty greens, chatting with its fellow gazelles about whether they prefer soft vegetation or course vegetation.

The second reason KIR chose the gazelle is our belief that we have to challenge all conventional wisdom. Nanu products are inherently vegetarian and in most cases vegan. Our products defy conventional thinking by staying out of the lab and using only ingredients as they were created and intended for use by Mother Nature. You might be tempted to think a carnivore will always win against a plant-based competitor. Nanu says, “THINK AGAIN!”


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