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The Bear tackles NYC Marathon on plant-based nutrition

Sunday, November 2 is the New York Marathon. Not to be denied every opportunity to push himself and compete, one of our plant-based endurance athletes has decided to tackle this challenge. As if racing across the State of Oregon, racing around the entire island country of Ireland, and doing the Everest challenge in London isn’t enough, Sean “Bear” Hernon has decided he will run 26 miles with a crowd of 50,000 people!

Nanu is a new product line made completely of naturally grown plants, nuts, fruits, teas, grasses and aquatic raised protein sources. We are very proud to be associated with endurance athletes who live a plant-based lifestyle but compete at the highest level. Ironman competitions, marathons, exceedingly long distance cycling events, swimming and rock-climbing…and all while holding full time jobs! Their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and testing their endurance and skills speak directly to the essence of our new product line. Real food for performance developed by athletes for athletes.

This Sunday, keep an eye out for Bear. He will be racing with his running partner, Naomi, to raise money for a leukemia charity. They’ll be joining a chorus of people who are proving we can indeed live healthy on things grown by Mother Earth! And keep an eye out for Nanu. We are for real and we have arrived.www.nanuperformance.com


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