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Rebekah did it! 3 hours 51 minutes!

Six months ago Rebekah Werner set out on a journey to accomplish 2 goals: break 4 hours in the Chicago Marathon, and raise money for the fight against Lupus, a disease that affects millions of women, including her mother in law. In this endeavor, Rebekah teamed up with The Lupus Society of Illinois, and with a whole lot of training, sweat and determination, she went to work. It was not an easy task, and she sacrificed time, energy, and even a missing set of earrings on mile 16 (she found them), and in the end it was a success! Rebekah crossed the line in 3 hours and 51 minutes, and raised $4735 for lupus support and research.
Rebekah’s race may be over, but the fight is still on. Check out @nanuperformance. Nanu is continuing the fundraising effort for lupus research, and is determined to push Rebekah’s fundraising efforts over $5,000 by the end of October. Improve your performance with plant-based whole food nutrition and support the fight against Lupus. Check out Nanu and learn more about Lupus at http://www.lupusil.org/about-lupus.html.

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