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Nothing artificial

Care about what you put into your body? The numbers say you do! We were looking at some recent polls on ingredient transparency in the food industry, and it was shocking (or comforting!) to see that 71% of consumers avoid artificial flavors and 62% avoid artificial colors1. Those are big numbers! We’re not sure if “big food” will catch on, and every day we read about another sketchy ingredient added to cheaply enhance flavor or color. Ever wonder how they make a bar that only costs a buck? They gotta source lots of cheap ingredients, without asking too many questions, and hand it over to a food scientist to somehow make it taste good. It’s a racket if you ask us!

Nanu is plant-based whole food nutrition, we carefully source and create amazing bars, and test them to perform against anything on the market. Our emblem is the Gazelle, the fastest vegetarian on Earth, and proof of what plant-based whole food can do! Now go back and take another look at Nanu … and welcome yourself to the future.

1 Engredea (1/5/16) – http://newhope360.com/colors-and-flavors-revolution-infographic?utm_rid=CNHNM000000612860&utm_campaign=14544&utm_medium=email

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