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Nanu Bars are a gluten free hit!

KIR Natural Foods exhibited at the Philly Gluten Free Expo this weekend (5/21/16). It was a first time event for them and us. We were pleasantly surprised when over 2,200 people showed up on a rainy Saturday to learn more about gluten free living and to experience GF products. There was an unending stream of people all day long that visited with our KIR Natural Foods booth to try and buy Nanu bars. We also exhibited and sold Golden Nuggets, gluten free dog biscuits from our friend, Kym, and Bzzz Beans, Ecuadorian espresso beans covered in chocolate from our San Diego friend,Ky.

The first thing we learned was that many people were pleasantly surprised that a bar made with our gluten free ingredients could taste as good as it GF booth 2does. The second thing we learned was that people were glad to see a gluten free product that was specifically designed for sports & fitness. And there was real enthusiasm when they learned that our athletes who developed the Nanu recipes have a total of 20 Ironman finishes, a half dozen ultra cycling events, and countless marathons on a vegetarian diet. You can conquer the odds on a whole food, plant based and gluten free diet. We have proven it countless times. Leave the steroids home!

Part of the KIR/Nanu story is that by using only whole food ingredients in our products the body knows how to use them to maximum benefit. Leave the steroids home? Why not leave the soys, chemicals, artificial vitamins and colorings home as well? Our ancestors thrived on a paleo diet that did not have any gluten in it.

The response to KIR was great. One thing became very apparent. KIR Natural Foods is and should be a comfortable place to shop for gluten free people. KIR now has Nanu bars, Bzzz Beans, Surprisingly Vegan waffle mix, Mana Gea Greek Olive Oil and they are all gluten free. Our entire line of Nature Built Chlorella and Spirulina products and Lucidera Schizandra berry powder are also gluten free. Heck, we can even offer you gluten free Golden Nuggets biscuits for your 4 legged friend! Visit KIR (as in Keep It Real) and you’ll leave healthy! www.kirnaturalfoods.com And if you use the memorial3 promotion code when you check out you’ll get a 10% discount and free shipping through June 5 on everything we stock.

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