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Everesting! What a thrill!

On Saturday I took on still another new challenge that is inspired by the global Everesting trend whereby you pick a climb and cycle up and down it until you hit the height of Everest. I chose a steep climb in North London called Swain’s Lane which I had to cycle up a hill 133 times which is roughly 9,000 meters. What a challenge! Most of my friends think its bonkers but it’s me on a bike in nature getting to cycle up hills…rather a hill 🙂 …I loved the idea!

It offered still another field test of the new Nanu bars. During the race I burned 7000 calories while cycling the 9000 meters of hill repeats. In prep I ate 3 bowls of porridge and a glass of beet root. Before and during I consumed 7 bananas and 10 Nanu energy bars (Matcha and Mint flavors). Was very happy with them – tasted great and kept me going.  Spearmint flavor is cool – nice feeling when you put into your mouth and take first bite.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge and can’t wait to see what else Nanu has in store.

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