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Chi Running Stuff

Health is more than nutrition. It is also physical fitness, which comes from commitment, effort and proper technique. Take a look at some friends of ours who have developed a revolutionary approach to running that helps avoid injury and also tunes you into your body when you are running. Check out Chi Running It’s a good time to do so because they also have a rewarding sweepstakes going on. So go to rafflecopter https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/f8d5c64d1/ They are giving stuff away. Yes, stuff! So grab your piece of the pie. Okay, well maybe not pie if you’re going out to run now. But maybe when you get back a piece of Vegan Strawberry Banana Cake or some gluten-free waffles with berries! In any event, treat yourself and move up a notch!

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