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About Nanu


The Nanu™ brand is dedicated to bringing to the fitness marketplace a complete line of Performance Nutrition products developed by Elite Competitive Athletes to support the dietary needs of individuals who want to train hard, compete aggressively and recover quickly.

Nanu’s real food products are created, field tested and approved by serious athletes for easy consumption, to enhance performance, and to taste good. No additives, no cooking, frying, or baking. Nutrition that nature has created.



As an active individual and athlete Nanu™ supports your 24 hour nutritional needs. Nanu™ provides nutrition ‘Before’, ‘During’, ‘After’ Exercise and for ‘Specific Advantage’. Due to stress placed upon the body in heavy exercise and competition, each product is designed to allow for ease of consumption and digestion as well as taste good.

Are you ready to get healthy the natural way?